First of all: Our offer is aimed at women and men alike, as well as at skiers and snowboarders. If we forgot to address everyone one time or another, we ask you to be lenient with us! We have specialized in (small) groups. We ask for your understanding that we do not put groups together ourselves, experience has shown that this does not work. Most easy: Motivate friends and like-minded people to come along. All prices are for groups of 6 per person. We are happy about your inquiries (here)!



Thoughts about Sustainability…

It is completely clear to us that at first glance, as well as admittedly at second glance, it is difficult to argue what we are doing in the alpine area. Nevertheless, we would like to clear up a few misunderstandings and explain a little bit why we do what we do.


Our snow groomer needs a lot of fuel to get you safely and quickly up the mountain. Depending on the snow conditions and the kilometers traveled, diesel consumption of between 15 and 20 liters per hour can be expected. On a good day, around 100 liters of diesel are required. With a group size of 12 people, the diesel consumption is about 8.5 liters per person per day. Everyone knows how much their car uses and can therefore estimate the load per head. Our exhaust system had to be rebuilt when the passenger cabin was set up, by doing this we changed all filters and replaced them with the most efficient ones availabel at the moment. This has not only a positive effect on smoke development, but also on the amount of pollutants actually emitted. We were also able to significantly reduce noise pollution.

It is clear that, of course, it is not only fuel consumption that is harmful to our environment. Therefore we try to keep all other burdens as low as possible. We do not use plastic. We use refillable and porcelain for both the drinking bottles and our cutlery and dishes. We leave nothing behind on the mountain and know that you support us and don't throw anything away. We have also sensitized our guides, snow groomer drivers and everyone else who ensures that everything works well.

For us, sustainability also includes investing in the region and the local people. We work exclusively with families from Svaneti, create a few jobs and contribute a little to (environmental) awareness. We hope that this beautiful part of Georgia will continue on the path of gentle tourism and that the unique landscape and unspoiled nature will remain as long as possible.


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