First of all: Our offer is aimed at women and men alike, as well as at skiers and snowboarders. If we forgot to address everyone one time or another, we ask you to be lenient with us! We have specialized in (small) groups. We ask for your understanding that we do not put groups together ourselves, experience has shown that this does not work. Most easy: Motivate friends and like-minded people to come along. All prices are for groups of 6 per person. We are happy about your inquiries (here)!



There are two of us: A Georgian & Austrian "mixture"!

Davit has been with his company in Mestia for years and organizes everything that can be done in Svaneti both in winter and summer. Davit was born in Mestia and knows practically everything and everyone. Without him, the catskiing project would not have been possible.His serenity and the knowledge that "slowly tomorrow" is often better than "fast today" in Svaneti made sure that we were able to carry out our project despite the many obstacles. Impatience is something that you have to get rid of , when you have managed that you realize that (almost) anything is possible.

The Austrian part of the group is Sven. Enthusiastic freerider and on the way on the Georgian mountains for almost 10 years. He organizes freeride and ski touring weeks in Georgia and is almost always in the mountain with his groups.

We are always there for you. We love what we do and you will be amazed by the possibilities. If something goes wrong that happens in Georgia, we always find solutions, we are extremely flexible and well networked. We speak English, German, French, Russian, Georgian and Spanish and look forward to your inquiries (here)!


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